Jabsco PAR-MAX 4.3 16 LPM

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Product Description

High capacity four chamber automatic fresh water pressure diaphragm pump giving up to 16.3 litres per minute (4.3 GPM). Capable of serving 5 or more 12mm (1/2″) outlets in standard installations. Jabsco quad diaphragm provides quiet operation and smooth water flow.

Up to 16.3 litres per minute flow. Serves 5 or more 12mm (1/2″) outlets

Diaphragm pump design gives smooth and quiet operation and dry run ability

Self primes to 3 metres. Can be installed vertically or horizontally

Pressure switch cuts in at 20PSI – cuts out at 40PSI

Straight snap-in ports included : 2 x 1/2″ threaded, 2 x 12mm hose connector

12 volt Par-Max 4 Jabsco

24 volt Par-Max 4 Jabsco

3 year warranty

Thermal overload protection. Ignition protected

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 35 × 15 cm

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