Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System



Product Description

Zipwake is the new, Dynamic Trim-Control System that is set to revolutionise the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative interceptor design, Zipwake delivers
 a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions.

The system is durable, affordable and perfectly adapted to any planing or semi-planing boat between 6 – 18 m(20 – 60 ft).


  • Comfort and safety – Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.
  • Performance and fuel economy – Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
  • Intuitive and precise control – Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading.
  • Durable and effective – Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide supreme lift force characteristics.
  • Complete and competitive – All-inclusive mass-produced modular design provides built-in quality, simple installation and easy expansion, whilst making the system affordable.

Interceptors vs Trim Tabs

  • More efficient lift – Near full beam interceptor arrangements are much more efficient at making lift compared to trim tabs with narrow span.
  • Less drag – Zipwake’s interceptor blade extends just 30mm, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm reflecting substantial drag.
  • 5 times faster actuation – Zipwake’s blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by at least a factor of 5.
  • Less wake – Interceptors provide more effective trim control creating less waves which directly leads to better fuel economy.

Each Kit includes 1 control panel with 7m standard cable, 1 distribution unit with 4m power cable, 2 interceptors with 3m cable,  cable covers and 1.5m extension cable.

Option A – 300mm Interceptors

Option B – 450mm Interceptors

Option C – 600mm Interceptors

Option D – 750mm Interceptors

Additional information

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Dimensions 77 × 25 × 8 cm

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