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Webasto RV Air Conditioners are the most effective units on the market. With many outstanding features including exceptional cooling capacity, low noise and a stylish low profile streamline design. Made using UV stabilised polypropylene the units are robust, yet still lightweight. They are the perfect investment to combat the harsh Australian climate.

Complete with an easy to handle remote control that lets you choose between heating, cooling, dry, sleep and timing functions. These functions allow your air-conditioning system to operate effectively in temperatures as low as -5°C and as high as 50°C.

Available in two sizes:




– 220-240 V
– Cooling capacity from 2400W up to 3400W
– Heating capacity from 2400W up to 3000W
– Low profile, slimline design
– Low noise and vibration for quiet operation
– Light weight
– Energy efficient
– Designed to start on a 2000W generator with no soft start technology required
– High quality twin rotary Sanyo compressor and components
– Operates in temperatures as low as -5°C and as high as 50°C
– Remote control to select heating, cooling, dry, sleep and timing functions
– Reverse cycle air-conditioner with a three speed fan
– Patented spiral retractable duct for easy installation
– Easy to remove & clean air filter
– Strong and lightweight UV stabilised cover designed to withstand the toughest conditions


Cool Top Trail 24

Cool Top Trail 34

Nominal Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)



Rating Cooling (kW)



Rated Heating (kW)



Rated Current Cooling / Heating / Max (A)



Unit Net Weight Outdoor (kg)



Unit Net Weight Indoor (kg)



Operating Temperature Range (C)

 -5 to 50

-5 to 50

Roof Thickness (mm)

25 to 85

25 to 70

Rooftop Cut-out (mm) – (Optional)

360 x 360 – (400 x 400)

360 x 360 – (400 x 400)

Dimensions Outdoor (L x W x H mm)

1002 x 566 x 215

1122 x 850 x 223

Dimensions Indoor (L x W x H mm)

557 x 536 x 43


575 x 556 x 49



1. What voltage are the units available in?

The units are available as a 230V system.

2. What components are supplied?

The units have two parts, internal unit (plenum) & outdoor unit. The system is pre gassed and comes with a remote control.

3. What are the cooling capacities of the units?

We have two units, the CTT24 has cooling capacity of 2.4kW and heating capacity of 2.4kW The CTT34 has cooling capacity of 3.4kW & heating capacity of 3kW.

4. What is the air flow volume of the unit?

CTT24 310 m3/h CTT34 374 m3/h

5. How many fan speeds does the evaporator have?

3 fan speeds, Low, Medium & High with Auto & Manual function.

6. Does the unit come with a remote?

Yes, an Infra red remote control. The remote control does not require any programming. In case of interchanging of vehicles, the remote control will still operate.

7. What type of Compressor does the unit have?

SANYO double rotors compressor

8. How heavy is the unit?

CTT24 Outside 29kg, Inside 2.8kg CTT34 Outside 45kg, Inside 3kg

9. What are the dimensions of the units? (L x W x H)

CTT24 – Outside 1,002 x 566 x 215mm; Inside 557 x 536 x 43mm CTT34 – Outside 1,122 x 850 x 223mm; Inside 575 x 556 x 49mm

10. Do I need to have the unit serviced?

No particular service is required however:
As regular maintenance, run the unit for 30 minutes once every 6 months.
Also, check & clean (or replace if required) return air filter periodically. We suggest to change the filter annually. Keep the roof clean, avoid build-up of leaves & dirt etc.


Never drive through automatic car washes with a roof air conditioner installed. Do not spray into the openings of the unit with a high-pressure cleaner.
Do not use hot cleaners and steam cleaners.
Do not use sharp or hard objects for cleaning.

Never use petrol, diesel, solvents or aggressive cleaning agents.

11. What is maximum current draw?

CTT24 4.5A CTT34 7.4A

12. What type of refrigerant do the units use?

CTT24 407c – System gas weight 450grams, Pre-gassed CTT34 407c – System gas weight 900grams , Pre-gassed

13. What are permissible ambient operating temperatures of the unit?

-50C to 50 0C
For cooling it is possible at ambient temperatures between 160C and 500C

14. What is standard cutout required?

Both units are supplied as standard to suit a 360x360mm cutout, an optional adaptor to suit 400x400mm cutout is available at additional cost.

15. How loud is the unit when running?

54.5dB on high fan speed, measured at 1m distance under inside unit and 1m from outside unit outlet

16. Which functions does the remote control have?

ON-OFF, Mode indication, Fan speed setting, temperature setting, timer setting

17. Who can install the unit?

The AC unit must be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician

18. What is appropriate size generator to use?

The Cool Top Trail 24 & 34 require a mains quality AC power source for correct operation. If you decide to supply power using a generator you must consult the generator supplier to confirm suitability and sizing of the generator for your application.
Please note that damages caused by the use of a generator are not covered by warranty.

19. What safety devices do the AC units have?

Under voltage cutout
Temperature sensors are used Overheat protection installed Heating mode has a defrost function

20. What is the maximum angle of installation and operation of the AC unit?

The unit must be parked and operated on flat ground with an angle no more than 5o or 8.8%.

21. Do the units have soft-start incorporated?

No the Webasto units do not have soft-start feature

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 76 cm


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