WAECO Plate Evaporator for Series 80

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Product Description

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This unit comprises a standard plate evaporator, self sealing valve couplings, flexible connection pipe approximately 2m, continuously variable thermostat(for external installation with grey knob and black plastic housing), and electric supply cord approximately 3m. Applications included coolers and refrigerators, for vertical and horozontal installation.

  • Power Input: 45W
  • Average running time: 50% with 35mm PU insulation, 40% with 50mm PU insulation, both at 5 deg C interior temperature, 32 deg C ambient temperature and medium cooling capacity
  • Weight: Approximately 1.5 kg

Variation A: VD-05, 375(L) x 25(D) x 350(H) mm, 130L maximum with insulation of 35mm PU, 170L maximum with insulation of 50mm PU

Variation B: VD-18, 350(L) x 25(D) x 250(H) mm, 100L maximum with insulation of 35mm PU, 150L maximum with inslualtion of 50mm PU

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 6 × 41 × 38 cm

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