Vetus Proportional/Brushless BOW PRO Thruster Kit

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The all new BOW PRO thruster series combines Vetus’ renowned electric bow thruster series and its latest induction motor technology. This is precision control at your fingertips. You command as little or as much power as needed!

  • Precision proportional control.
  • Endurance rated run-time – up to 10 minutes(dependant on model) at full power. After that, the power will reduce. At less than full power setting, run time is greatly enhanced.
  • Maintenance free brushless motor.
  • Sealed ingression protection construction – motor sealed for improved corrosion resistance in damp bilge environment.
  • Built-in over temperature and low battery voltage protection.
  • Suitable for high demanding applications(eg charter vessels).

Kit includes Thruster, 1m Tunnel, 15m Control Cable, 1m Control Cable, Can-bus 3 Point Hub, Termination Connector, CAN Power Cable, Single Joystick, Fuse, and Fuse Holder.


Option A – 30kgf  Suit Vessel 5-9m  12v

Option B – 36kgf  Suit Vessel 6-10m  12v

Option C – 42kgf  Suit Vessel 7-10.5m  12v

Option D – 57kgf  Suit Vessel 8.5-12.5m  12v

Option E –  65kgf  Suit Vessel 9.5-15m  12v

Option F – 76kgf  Suit Vessel 10.5-15.5m  12v

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 60 × 100 × 60 cm

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