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Having a Bow/Stern Thruster gives you positive control of your boat, even at low speed and regardless of wind, current or tight docking conditions.
VETUS Bow/Stern Thrusters are equipped with a streamlined bronze tail piece. This has proven stronger and more durable than other materials sometimes used, whilst creating the minimum of turbulence, lowest efficiency loss and lowest noise levels.

The metal underwater parts are protected by a zinc anode, which comes fitted as standard.

VETUS propellers are corrosion-free and are made of synthetic materials. Owing to their low weight, the maximum thrust force is obtained very quickly and with a minimum of energy. The propeller blades are specifically designed for use in a tunnel and are shaped in such a way that the thrust is equal to both starboard and port. Because of this, cavitation is largely avoided and noise levels are considerably reduced.

Kit includes: Thruster, Tunnel (1 m), Control Cable, Fuse, Fuse Holder and Controller (Controller may be: Square, Round Base, Joystick or Touch Panel Type – depending on availability).

Made in Netherlands.


Option A – 25kgf  Suit Vessel 5.5-8.5m  12v

Option B – 35kgf  Suit Vessel 6.5-10m  12v

Option C – 45kgf Suits Vessel 7.5-11.5m 12v

Option D – 55kgf  Suit Vessel 8.5-12.5m  12v

Option E – 55kgf  Suit Vessel 8.5-12.5m  24v

Option F –  60kgf  Suit Vessel 9-13m  12v

Option G – 60kgf  Suit Vessel 9-13m  24v

Option H – 75kgf  Suit Vessel 10.5-15m  12v

Option I – 75kgf  Suit Vessel 10.5-15m  24v

Option J – 95kgf  Suit Vessel 12-17m  12v

Option K – 95kgf  Suit Vessel 12-17m  24v

Option L – 125kgf  Suit Vessel 14-20m  12v

Option M – 125kgf  Suit Vessel 14-20m  24v

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 60 × 100 × 60 cm

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