Thetford Bravura RV Toilet


Product Description

American-designed floor mounted toilet. Available in high and low profiles, drawing flush water from an independent pressurized water supply. Waste tank located beneath the floor is also required.


Single-foot-pedal operation

Deep bowl ensures less splashing

Easy installation and access of parts

Waste tank capacity depends upon vehicle

Flush water tank capacity depends upon vehicle’s central water tank

Large and convenient single-pedal flush.

Attractive styling that’s easy to clean.

Pulsating flush provides superior, near instantaneous, full-bowl washdown.

The worthy successor to Aqua-Magic Galaxy/Starlite! Many features make it the easiest RV toilet ever to install and service, including front shroud that pulls off for easy access to mounting bolts and pedal mechanism.

Taller for a built-in higher comfort level. Easy-off Seat and Cover Pod for easy cleaning and service.



Large  51.3L x 42.1W x 45.4H cm

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 55 × 45 cm


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