Tecnicomar Ecomar Sewage Water Treatment System

Product Description

Ecomar treats and discharges overboard disinfected sewage in compliance with International and Australian regulations. It does not need to be run by an operator as the unit may be started in auto mode. The electronic control panel manages all functions of the machine automatically.

The Ecomar range is certified in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation Resolution MEPC.159(55) to meet the operational requirements referred to in regulation 9.1.1 of Annex IV of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973/1978.

The treatment cycle starts by loading a known quantity of waste water from the collection tank onboard. The waste water is then macerated for a fixed period of time and a known quantity of disinfectant liquid is dosed. Finally some clean seawater is added and the maceration is continued for a further fixed period of time. During this time, the chemical and physical reactions disinfect the water and reduce the dimension of sediments so that the water can be discharged into the sea according to International and Australian rules. At the end of every cycle, an automatic washing of the tank and probe is done.

  • Environmentally friendly – Disinfectant breaks down rapidly into natural elements.
  • Safe effluent discharge – Effluent is immediately discharged, hence possible contamination of effluent piror to discharge is avoided.
  • Simplicity – Sludge tank is not required as there is no residual on board.
  • Easy to use – Totally automatic with manual overide.
  • Compact – Efficient treatment with a small foot print relative to treatment capacity.
  • Flexible – Available in 24V DC and 240/400 V AC.


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