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Product Description

The Sterling ProCharge Ultra is the ultimate battery charger that is capable of charging up to 3 battery banks at one time.

Ultra efficient: Innovative “power factor correction” makes it 40% more efficent than traditional chargers. Not only does that save you money on energy costs, it also helps reduce carbon footprint.

Amazingly versatile: Complet with 11 pre-programmed battery charge curves including LiFEPO4, GEL, AGM, FLA and calcium. It can even be programmed(without a computer) for any other type of battery – including lithium.

Incredibly practical – Featuring a 32 LED panel, it displays everything you want to know and need to know for a complete peace of mind and control.

Totally dependable РA huge input range lf 90-270V and 40-70Hz, allowing it to smooth out even the dirtiest power for ultimate performance  and protection against power fluctuations.

Adaptable and durable – Operates from marine shore or generator input and made of rust resistant marine grade materials to last a long time.


  • Eleven pre programmed battery curves.
  • One custome setting that can be set from charger.
  • Two digital meters for current and voltage measurement.
  • Power meter to show what reserve power is left.
  • Power factor correction active, up to 0.99pf, ensuring efficient power conversion, up to almost 90% as opposed to about 50% for older non-pfc technology.
  • New synchronised rectification output, giving an extra 10% efficiency over as opposed to using a diode.
  • High voltage de-sulphation cycle.
  • New low activity, standby mode to increase battery life.
  • Battery health program.
  • Multiple speed fan control to reduce unnecessary fan noise.
  • Primary and emergency back up secondary high voltage trip.
  • LED information panel.
  • Internal scan and system check.
  • Small footprint and light weight.
  • Included battery temperature sensor.
  • As with marine chargers, all metals are non ferrous.
  • IP44.

Variation A: 12V 20A – 2kg, 260L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation B: 12V 30A – 2kg, 260L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation C: 12V 40A – 2kg, 260L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation D: 12V 50A – 3kg, 315L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation E: 12V 60A – 3kg, 315L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation F: 24V 20A – 3kg, 315L x 215W x 90D mm

Variation G: 24V 30A – 3kg, 315L x 215W x 90D mm

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 11 cm

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