Spectra Watermakers Ventura System

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Product Description

The Spectra Ventura series is engineered for the smaller vessel to be energy efficient, light-weight, and self-regulating. These watermaker are composed of compact modules, making for easy installation in confined spaces.

Ventura 150

The manual system has analog controls with an instrument panel containing a feed water pressure gauge and a product flow meter.

The automated system has the digital MPC5000 control panel. The MPC5000 operates with the press of a single button, and displays pre filter condition, feed water pressure, water tank status(with optional tank switch), product water quality, flow rate and total system hours. The auto store button will automatically flush the system every 5 days.

Features –

  • 24 litres per hour or 568 litres per day
  • Weight – Manual 27.7 kg, Automated 38.6 kg
  • Power – 12V 9A, 24V 4.5A
  • Spectra’s unique Clark Pump for efficiency and reliability
  • System includes installation kit, handheld water quality tester and product sample valve
  • Whisper quiet

Ventura 200T

Description and features as per Ventura 150 except for the following features  –

  • 31 litre per hour or 757 litres per day
  • Power – 12V 10A, 24V 5A


Option A – Ventura 150 manual system

Option B – Ventura 150 automated system

Option C – Ventura 200T manual system

Option D – Ventura 200T automated system

Additional information

Weight 80 kg

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