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Sidepower Electric Bow/Stern Thrusters are based on their thrust, basically used in leisure boats ranging from 20-100ft. The electric thrusters are less space consuming, easier to install and can be a cost efficient alternative to hydraulic thrusters. All Sidepower electric Bow/Stern Thrusters are equipped with the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) safety function.

Each Kit contains Thruster, Single Joystick, Fuse and Fuse Holder, Control Cable and Tunnel (1 m in all models except SE 40, which is 0.9m).


Option A – SE 40 (48 kgf) Suit Vessel 8-10.5m  12v

Option B – SE 60 (73 kgf)  Suit Vessel 9-12m  12v

Option C – SE 60 (73 kgf)  Suit Vessel 9-12m 24v

Option D – SE 80 (96 kgf)  Suit Vessel 10-15m  12v

Option E – SE 80 (96 kgf) Suit Vessel 10-15m  24v

Option F – SE 100 (116 kgf)  Suit Vessel 12-17m  12v

Option G – SE 100 (116 kgf)  Suit Vessel 12-17m  24v

Option H – SE 120 (139 kgf)  Suit Vessel 13-18m  24v


More Sizes are Available Upon Request.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 90 × 100 × 60 cm

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