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Rule electric submersible bilge pumps, float switches and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards. Rule are world leaders and the innovators in bilge pump design and construction and have won many industry innovation awards. Rule pumps have set the standard for the industry for many years and are the first choice of pleasure boat owners, boat manufacturers and commercial fishermen throughout the world. Rule manufacture bilge pumps to suit boats of all sizes from small runabouts to large yachts and cruisers. They are available in automatic or non-automatic versions. Capacities listed on the following pages are US gallons per hour at open discharge. Amp draws listed are at 12 volt. Amp draw at 13.6 volts (fully charged battery) will be higher than shown. Rule pumps are backed by Rule’s 3 year limited warranty on bilge pumps 2 year warranty on float switches except for SuperSwitch which has 5 year warranty.

“Rule-Mate” Automatic Bilge Pumps
Rule-Mate fully automatic submersible bilge pumps with Rule’s exclusive “Spongeability” feature. New innovative design incorporates the bilge pump and float switch in a single housing. Unique Rule “Spongeability” feature leaves the bilge the driest ever – when water in the bilge reaches a certain height the float switch automatically activates and the pump runs until water is pumped out, reducing boat weight, saving fuel and minimizing bilge odour.

  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Fully automatic submersible bilge pump systems
  • Float switch and pump in a common housing
  • No battery drain other than when pump is in use
  • Removable strainer and impeller area are accessable to clear debris
  • Threaded ports for easy installation.
  • Straight and 90 deg included
  • Pump and switch are internally wired for easy installation
  • A 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using Rule switch panel or it can activate an alarm or indicator lamp
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • 2 different capacities 1500 – 2000 gallons per hour

Rule-Mate 1500 & 2000 GPH Pump Systems

  • Internal float switch
  • Fixed 1 1/8″ 28mm outlet.
  • Heavy duty Rule motors.
  • Supplied with 16 gauge extra long 120mm wiring.
  • Both pumps have base footprint size 158 x 106mm.
  • Total overall dimensions inc. outlet : 185mm L x 106mm W x 152mm H


Version A – 1500 GPH 12 volt 4.8 amp 28mm(1-1/8″) hose outlet

Version B – 2000 GPH 12 volt 12 amp 28 mm(1-1/8″) hose outlet

Version C – 2000 GPH 24 volt 4.0 amp 28 mm(1-1/8″) hose outlet

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 210 × 130 cm

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