RFD ISO9650-1 Life Raft

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Product Description


  • ISO9650-1 Approved
  • Unique Hi Visibility colour
  • The liferaft has a polyurethane (PU) coating and possesses the following attributes:
    • Long lasting
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Highly resilient
    • Highly durable
  • Easy access semi rigid boarding ramp
  • Hermitically sealed for extended service interval of up to 3 years

Composite container packaging

Option A- LGI041 <24 hr 4 P 800x570x220mm  37kg

Option B- LGI061 <24hr 6 P 800x570x250mm  43kg

Option C -LGI081 <24hr 8 P 800x570x250mm  48kg

Option D-LGI101 <24hr 10 P 800x570x300mm  54kg

Option E-LGI121 <24hr 12 P 800x570x300mm  57kg

Option F-LGI042 >24hr 4 P 800x570x250mm  48kg

Option G-LGI062 >24hr 6 P 800x570x300mm  58kg

Valise packaging

Option H-LGI043 <24hr 4 P 730x520x320mm  32kg

Option I-LGI063 <24hr 6 P 700x500x380mm  37kg

Option J-LGI083 <24hr 8 P 790x510x390mm  42kg

Option K-LGI103 <24hr 10 P 790x500x380mm  48kg

Option L-LGI123 <24hr 12 P 840x520x450mm  51kg

Option M-LGI044>24hr 4 P 730x520x320mm  42kg

Option N-LGI064 >24hr 6 P 790x500x380mm  52kg

Option O-LGI084 >24hr 8 P 800x510x410mm  61kg

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