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Our tank sensor is driven by the air pressure generated by the water level. It must be installed in the upper part of the tank with the rubber hose that enters the tank so that, when the level of the water increases reaching the rubber hose, the pressure switch effects the contact.

The pressure switch, located outside the tank, is a normal on-off switch that, being electrically connected with the control panel of our WCs (grey/black cable), warns through a red led that the tank is nearly full (usually the led is green).

The sensor may be used to commutate different alarms.

It is activated when, further to the water thrust, air pressure generates within the rubber hose.

The switch commutates to ON when the water will have submerged the rubber hose for nearly five centimeters.

The sensor is really reliable since there is no mechanical movement in the tank but only the air pressure (there is also a retardant that prevents contact in case of movement of the water while at sea, since the air pressure must remain for over 3 seconds at a given level).

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