Jabsco Par-Max 3HD 60PSI 11LPM 12V


Product Description

A Heavy Duty (HD) version of the above 3.0 GPM 11.3 LPM pressure pump.

This HD model has a 4 chamber quad design pumphead and offers pressure up to 60PSI. HD models include a heavy duty wider diameter motor with a powder coated shell, cast aluminium end bells and lower housing – to improve pressure capability and offer longer life and exceptional performance.

The ideal robust heavy duty pump for providing freshwater automatically on pleasure craft up to approx the 9-10 metre range.

Includes a 40 mesh plug-in inlet strainer in the box with the pump.

HD Quad 4 chamber automatic pressure pump gives fl ow up to 3 US Gallons per minute (11.3 litres per minute) and pressure up to 60 PSI. Serves up to 3 x 12mm outlets including galley, shower and additional faucet. The Par-Max 3.0 HD gives very smooth water fl ow even at low demand due to it’s built-in pulsation dampening by-pass valve which controls unwanted cycling and reduces noise.

Inlet filter, corrosion resistant motor, soft rubber vibration dampening mounts and quick connect plug-in hose ports included – 2 x 12mm barbed for hose. 12 volt only 60 PSI cut-out pressure.

  • 12V only
  • 11.3 litres per minute 40 PSI A Quiet operation
  • Can be run dry for extended periods A Self primes to 2.4 Mtrs (8 ft)
  • Built-in bypass lowers pulsation A No need for an accumulator
  • Quiet operation
  • Self primes to 2.4 Mtrs (8 ft)
  • No need for an accumulator

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 20 cm
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