Isotherm Cruise 200 Litre Grey Line Fridge/Freezer


Product Description

Unit is supplied with NO Mounting Frame (image shown is indicative of unit fitted with frame)


Flush mounted cabinet style refrigerator with 3mm front door panel and trims that are well suited for the marine environment (removable door panel to allow fitting of different panel styles to match other interior finishes). The Isotherm Cruise CR200 Grey Line Refrigerator has a 150 litre Fridge with a 50 litre Freezer,  the Isotherm Cruise is a cabinet style refrigerator. These models feature fan cooled compressors. The Isotherm Cruise CR 200 is designed for easy installation under the work-surface. The CR 200 is a stylish new fridge-freezer that has been developed to offer spacious onboard storage for fresh and frozen consumables and is divided in to a 150 litre volume fridge section and a 50 litre volume freezer section.


  • Food preparation compliant stainless steel case
  • Flush mounted – no protrusion into galley area
  • Positive, flush closing mechanism
  • Hermetic fan cooled compressor
  • Contoured single piece plastic liner
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Internal light
  • Low voltage cut off
  • Radio interference suppression
  • Internal rotary thermostat
  • Utilises R134A ozone friendly refrigeration gas

Overall Dimentions:- (E) 200 Ltr Fridge / 50 Ltr Freezer,  620(d) x 735(w) x 880(h) mm,  Weigth 32 kg

Cut Out Dimentions:- 700(w) x 870(h) mm

Average Power Consumption:- 2.3 A/h @ 12v 

Max Power Consumption:- 6 amps @ 12v 


Grey Line Range is available in 5 Sizes:-

Dimensions :

A – 49 Ltr Fridge / 4 Ltr Freezer,  515(d) x 420(w) x 540(h) mm,  Weigth 16 kg

B – 65 Ltr Fridge / 4 Ltr Freezer,   546(d) x 492(w) x 550(h) mm, Weight 18 kg

C – 85 Ltr Fridge / 4 Ltr Freezer,   555(d) x 475(w) x 630(h) mm, Weight 20 kg

D – 100 Ltr Fridge / 5 Ltr Freezer,   495(d) x 486(w) x 745(h) mm, Weight 21 kg

E – 200 Ltr Fridge / 50 Ltr Freezer,   620(d) x 735(w) x 880(h) mm, Weight 32 kg

Additional information

Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 79 × 79 × 93 cm
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