Isotherm 100 Litre ASU Cruise Grey Line Fridge Freezer

Product Description

Features fan cooled compressors and ASU(Automatic Start Up) power saving feature which senses when surplus power is available, during engine or genset operations etc, speeding up the compressor to rapidly freeze the holding plate.

As available power decreases, the ASU reduces power consumption accordingly.

  • Suitable for use with AC/DC converter.
  • 12-24 volt, cabinet style refrigerators
  • Overall Dimensions:- (D) 100 Ltr Fridge / 5 Ltr Freezer,  495(d) x 486(w) x745(h) mm,  Weigth 21 kg
  • Average Power Consumption:- 0.7 A/h @ 12v
  • Max Power Consumption:- 5 amps @ 12v


  • ASU remote control panel can be mounted up to four metres away from refrigeration unit
  • 3mm front door panel is removable to allow fitting of different panel styles to match other interior finishes
  • Large moulded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Hermetic fan cooled compressor
  • Hook to hold door slightly open when not in use
  • Safety locking device on door for rough conditions
  • One piece polished plastic inner lining
  • Magnetic rubber door seal
  • Utilises R134A ozone friendly refrigeration gas

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 55 × 54 × 80 cm
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