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Exturn, the first truly external bow and stern thurster, is mountable onto nearly any boat of size between 6 and 20m independently of hull shape or type. This product range is engineered to improve safety and comfort on board and offers significant advantages –

  • Optimal efficiency – Due to its installation at the foremost or sternmost spot of the boat hull and the significantly lowe position under water in comparison to conventional thruster systems, an optimal leverage is achieved. It moves much bigger boats than traditional thrusters with nominal lesser power. Furthermore, due to the optimal leverage, the boat responses considerably faster. 

  • Simple installation – It is merely necessary to drill a hole of 50mm in diameter through the hull for the threaded bot which serves as the cable run. This bolt is supplied with a special pressure-tight sealing which closes the drilled hole automatically.

  • Minimum space inside – Except for the relay and the cable run, the thruster requires no space in the boat interior.

  • Minimal noise – Due to the position outside the hull, cavitation is minimised.

  • Longer runtime – The shift of the motor to the outside and the water cooling provide the unit with a much longer runtime per hour than convetional thruster systems. Depending on water temperature, the continuous runtime is 4 minutes.

Exturn Thruster Kit comes with the Thruster, Basic Install Kit, EX Thruster FRP Install Adaptor (For deep V hull bow thruster installation), Joystick, 9m Control Loom 4Lead (thruster to joystick), Fuse and Fuse Holder.

Variation A: Exturn 35S 12V (Boats  7 – 9m)

Variation B: Exturn 55S 12V  (Boats 8 – 11m)

Variation C: Exturn 75S 24V (Boats 10 – 13m)

Variation D: Exturn 95S 24V (Boats 12 – 15m)

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