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CO2 monitor is an extremely accurate desktop device that measures CO2 levels and ambient air temperatures. It uses NDIR (Non-dispersive Infa Red) technology and is a scientific instrument designed to operate in workplace environments to ensure indoor air quality is the best possible.

This machine is a portable, accurate handheld CO2 monitor, which can be put on desktop also to measure the CO2 concentration and ambient temperature. It uses NDIR technology to improve the long term stability. Build-in several models help you understand ambient air quality.


Method – NDIR

Display – LCD

Independent CO2 and Temperature readings.

Calculates and Displays Ventilation Rates

Sample Method – Diffusion or flow through (50-200 ml/min)

Why is a CO2 Monitor a good idea in your workplace?

Companies are seen to be environmentally responsible and have a green theme on show at all times. This can be viewed as an attractive proposition for other entities choosing to deal with your company, given that public perception is everything in today’s market.

The easies way to check if your workplace is encapsulating gases is to monitor the CO2 levels. This one gas is used, as marker for air quality, is the easiest to monitor and provides a more accurate air quality reading.

It is a good trend indicator because it changes in measurable amounts, as the air quality gets worse. All other gases in the workplace follow the same trend as the CO2.

Outside air has an average of 350——450 ppm of CO2. Inside the levels raise to values of 550—700 ppm. In office buildings the HVAC systems should keep the levels below 800 ppm.

In this day and age it is vital for business survival and positioning to offer the best workplace environment possible.  IAQ monitoring in your workplace sends a positive message to employees.


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