Aqualuma 6 Series LED Underwater Light GEN4



Product Description

Aqualuma 6 Series Gen 4 LED Underwater Light 

The beam angle of the 6 series is 50 x 10 deg elliptical pattern

A unique upgradeable and serviceable LED underwater light. Aqualuma lights are the world’s first and only underwater lights with a one-piece housing that has no lenses or seals, which means they can be serviced and upgraded without the need for haul out. Corrosion-proof and injection moulded, the thru-hull underwater lights feature Aqualuma’s patented polymer housing, the most sophisticated and strongest material available in underwater lighting. These lights are virtually unbreakable and have been pressure tested to 1300 feet below sea level. The real advantage of the Aqualuma thru-hull system is the ability to continually upgrade as LED technology advances. Many of Aqualuma’s original customers have taken advantage of this service, to stay up-to-date with the latest in advancing technology.

The iconic 3 Series has doubled in output but not in size. All grown up into the amazing, new GEN 4, 6 Series. LED colours available in Brilliant White or Ultra Blue. Designed with long life in mind, the all new 6 Series is corrosion-proof and features Aqualuma’s injection moulded, patented polymer housing – the most sophisticated material in underwater lighting available. The 6 Series is fully serviceable and upgradable without the need for haul out. Available in Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats ranging from 6 meters (20 feet) to 13 meters (45 feet). As part of the thru-hull range, the 6 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.


  • Gen 4 Technology
  • 3 year warranty on internals
  • 6 year housing warranty
  • Patented, High-Tech chemically resistant polymer housing
  • No lens seal to leak, low heat emission
  • Low power consumption: 12 or 24 volt dc approx. 1 amp per light @ 12 volt or 0.5 of an amp @ 24 volt
  • Internally serviceable and upgradable without haul-out
  • Can be operated in or out of the water
  • No bonding to anodes required
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • External ignition protection
  • Serviceable driver module
  • Each light comes with 3.7 meters (12 feet) of cable
  • Easy and low cost 2-wire installation
  • 60mm/2 3/8“ thru-hull fitting
  • Meets World EMI standard
  • All new combination optic with increased horizontal spread

Recommended Spacing:

  • Transom: 800mm (32″) apart and 250-300mm (10″) below waterline
  • Side of Boat: 1.5m (60″)


  • Brilliant White
    • Color temperature 9000 to 10000 degrees Kelvin (the colder the white the further it travels in water)
    • Fixture Lumens : 770 lm
    • Fixture Lumens Lowlight Conditions : 1725 lm
  • Ultra Blue
    • Color temperature 470nm (the color that travels further in salt water than any other
    • Fixture Lumens : 295 lm
    • Fixture Lumens Lowlight Conditions : 4900 lm

Option A – Blue

Option B – White

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 cm

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