Price Guarantee

Online Price Guarantee

Our price checkers guarantee that we bring you the lowest prices possible every day. However, if you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we will not only match it, we will beat it by 5% for bringing it to our attention.

Excludes stock liquidations, and contract pricing.

How do I redeem my 5% reduction?
You can redeem the Online Price Guarantee (OPG) by emailing us at Send us a copy of the special with the company name and items, we will check that the item is identical and you will receive 5% off the cost of the product.

What does the 5% reduction apply to?
All identical products with identical terms and conditions, currently listed on our website.

What items are excluded from the OPG?

  • Non-identical products (inclusive of non-identical warranties).
  • Package deals.
  • Clearance, Stock, Liquidations, contract pricing.

What about online stores?
Identical products are price matched against online stores as with any other kind of store. When price matching online stores we only look at the cost of product only (excluding shipping).

Offer subject to change without notice.